83. Dollydrums! WHAT Dollydrums????

Regular readers will be aware that almost a year ago now I wrote two weather related blogs that made comment about my weather forecasting abilities (or not) and my personal experiences with hurricanes. See Blog 22: Florence, Mangkhut and Helene…… with memories of Michael Fish, Daria and Luis, published 17 September 2018 and Blog 23: The weather theme continued … but spare a thought and a prayer this Sunday for Abhilash Tomy, published 23 September 2018. I’ve enjoyed re-reading them this morning.

24 hours ago I started to write a blog with the title “Dollydrums! WHAT Dollydrums?????” following my previous attempt to explain the Doldrums and the doldrums corridor rules, as immediately ahead of the Clipper fleet, and directly across the doldrums was TROPICAL STORM LORENZO!!!! So much for flat calm and wind holes!!!!

(Jerry and Karen are interesting and Lorenzo starts at the 4 minute mark)

and for busier readers here is a shorter version…

So on the race tracker the normal shades of dark blue to light blue on the wind overlay indicating slack wind gradients and wind holes had been replaced with the much angrier looking darker oranges, reds and purples of 30knots + ….. some Windhole, some doldrums NOT!

However, this morning, normal doldrums service has been resumed. Lorenzo continues his charge NW into the Atlantic and the darker shades of blue and light winds have returned to the doldrums corridor. When last I checked Visit Sanya, leading the Fleet, was down to a speed-over-the-ground of 1.3 knots with over 3,200 nautical miles to run to Punta del Este. Which is just as well as I still have three “wind the clock back” catch-up-blogs to write before the end of the month!!!!


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