136. Oooops – a blog 135 postscript

Thank you to those who spotted my inadvertent use of ”Apr” rather than ”Feb” when listing my abbreviated programme yesterday. Now suitably corrected/republished. Just to be crystal clear – forget the date, forget the month ……. I fly on Monday.

It’s very easy to lose track of days and months in the “sail-eat-sleep-repeat” routine of a long ocean crossing. I appear to be so ”in the zone“ that I started early yesterday. Just imagine how confusing I’m going to find the International Date Line 😜😜😜

Time Zones around the International Date Line!

5 thoughts on “136. Oooops – a blog 135 postscript

  1. Keith, bon voyage for Monday; hopefully the runway will no longer be ‘black’ by then! Looking forward to tales of derring do at a future Anchorites!


  2. Just had a look at the northern pacific islands, which aren’t on your map, cos there aren’t any!!!
    There’s a big space of nothing
    Speak over weekend

    Neil Willis
    The Willey Farm
    SY13 4HQ
    01948 663 726
    07711 231 382


  3. Hi Keith

    Best of luck on the phase of the Clipper.

    Todays weather a warm up for those North Pacific depressions !

    Best regards Martin



  4. Hi Keith, glad you’re definitely on the way this time. Best of luck and look forward to hearing about your adventures.
    Regards David & Lesley xx


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