102. 10,597 Nautical miles. So Far, So Good.

Stafford Train Station 7th Oct
Manchester airport pm 23rd December.


Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Montevideo, Uruguay,

Punta del Este, Uruguay,

4050 nautical miles across the South Atlantic,

Cape Town, South Africa,

a medical emergency diversion and 2hrs alongside in Durban, South Africa

6547 nautical miles across the Southern Ocean/South Indian Ocean (should have been about 4750 nautical miles)

48 in Fremantle, Western Australia

and 9 hours in Dubai airport!

Catch up blogs to follow.


For Diabetes UK and the National Autistic Society see:


and for UNICEF UK see:


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101. A Message From Mary

This leg from South Africa to Freemantle is thrown up many challenges for the crew on Unicef and their supporters – all of which they are dealing with brilliantly as they come along whether it be a medical evacuation or a variety of more minor medical issue, light wings , violent storms & sail mending in a confined space oh and at an angle. Let alone their youngest crew member(18) having to put up with the music choice of a crew most very much not his age. Still it seems he is starting a music education programme of his own.

At the moment they are sailing hard towards Australia but as Ian (Skipper) puts it in his blog today ‘the distance between Perth and Sydney is currently shorter than our distance to Freemantle… ‘ so they need to sail a continent! Quickly we  hope.

However its great to see they have support from so many people – the video below was sent via Keith’s daughter Heather. The crew have all seen it and with a big thanks to Heather and Mary it was a great boost to morale. Lets hope the cooking on board goes from strength to strength – and Keith shares his new found skill when he gets home.