102. 10,597 Nautical miles. So Far, So Good.

Stafford Train Station 7th Oct
Manchester airport pm 23rd December.


Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Montevideo, Uruguay,

Punta del Este, Uruguay,

4050 nautical miles across the South Atlantic,

Cape Town, South Africa,

a medical emergency diversion and 2hrs alongside in Durban, South Africa

6547 nautical miles across the Southern Ocean/South Indian Ocean (should have been about 4750 nautical miles)

48 in Fremantle, Western Australia

and 9 hours in Dubai airport!

Catch up blogs to follow.


For Diabetes UK and the National Autistic Society see:


and for UNICEF UK see:


Please take a look. Thank You.

One thought on “102. 10,597 Nautical miles. So Far, So Good.

  1. Pleased to see you home safe and sound Keith. Brilliant achievement, very well done! Best Jerry

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