66. Another post about booze!

I’ve written before about booze ….. gin to be precise (See Blog 49: Manannan Mac Lir, published 23 Feb 2019). Time to go a little bit more upmarket …… champagne.

One of the reasons for a paucity of June blogs was something of “champagne run ashore” to the champagne houses of Philbert, Grongnet and Philipponnat all located south of Eperney in France. It also proved an interesting exercise in packing/loading!



On my safe return I celebrated by opening a bottle of, appropriately enough, COMMODORE Champagne. Here’s what was written in the tasting notes …..

“From what one knows of the life of men in ancient times, there were always some who were destined to rule over their peers. These were the heads of families, heads of clans, tribal chiefs, spiritual leaders….. With the development of civilisation, the qualities of courage, willpower, perseverance and perceptiveness became the main features of these often charismatic men or women who were the leaders of the day. It was towards the end of the 18th century that one first saw a new title in the English Navy to characterise a supreme commander: “Commodore”.  Castellane has paid homage to all those who possess these qualities. Jewel of the house of de Castellane, since 1961, the Cuvee Commodore, presented in an original and unique bottle, is a champagne of superb character, made from the house’s finest grapes, each time is an exceptional year.”


Don’t blame me, I didn’t write this stuff but I rather like the courage, willpower, perseverance and perceptiveness bit. I feel it may come in handy 😉.

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