65 Rather Like London Buses……… nothing for AGES and then more than you know what to do with!

Its been quite a while since I last wrote a Blog. In fact, having managed 5 or 6 a month for a year I only published one last month. It’s NOT that nothing has been happening……….. actually LOTS and LOTS has been going on AND, post Crew Allocation in May Clipper has been getting very VERY REAL. June was somewhat domestically pre-occupied …………….


…… and more about that (maybe) in a subsequent blog.  But the last few days and weeks have been extremely hectic and therefore, rather like waiting for a London bus, you wait for what seems like AGES and then along come more than you know what to do with so …….



Level 4 training,

More Musto Kit,

Prep Week,

How the Race is scored,

The (Addictive) Race Viewer, and

Race Start

……………. not necessarily in that order!

There are now 44 days until race start and 91 days until I report onboard the UNICEF yacht in Punta del Este, Uruguay.


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