47. The Circumnavigators Story

Ok so I’m NOT sailing around the world. But for me, the 4 big west to east ocean crossings; The South Atlantic, The Southern Ocean, The North Pacific and The North Atlantic are my circumnavigation, my Everest, my out-of-the-comfort zone physical and psychological challenge. There will be about 8 amateurs in each yacht completing the ENTIRE 40,000 mile, 11 month, 15 or so ports round the world race. Here are the thoughts of a few of them who have gone before …………


One thought on “47. The Circumnavigators Story

  1. Keith, My mini-Everest came in my early 40’s as an 11-day backpacking trip in he Southwest US between 6900-14200 feet elevation. My training started 18 months before. Yes, the training took that long because I was the oldest member of the expedition and refused to be the one who might have to be airlifted due to physical failure. It is still my Everest. Everest is Everest; large or small. One Clipper leg, 4 legs, all legs …. Everest it is. Tommy


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