92. The race has begun

Hello everyone who is following Keiths blog. My name is Ruth – Keith’s  wife of 4months and partner of many years.

I don’t have the words to do justice to today…….

We have all said farewell to those we love and it’s easy …. it’s easy enough – we expect to see them soon. Like us all I have done it a hundred times.

Today was different.

Keith was excited to begin his race to South Africa. Watching the big blue UNICEF boat slip her lines and gently glide into the Southern Ocean was so emotional. The band played- each of the eleven  boats was given a great farewell in Spanish and English. Every three minutes one boat was waved away on its own unique adventure. The crowds waved and cheered. Every supporter also has their  own story to tell.

I must admit I shed a tear, breathe a very deep breathe, watched till I could see the boats no longer – retired to the yatch club and drank a bottle of their best wine…..

I WIlL send pictures later

Love to all Keith’s followers



9 thoughts on “92. The race has begun

  1. Hi Ruth, Keith was my CO in HMS NEWCASTLE in 1994-95 and he is one of the best. I’m following his adventures closely and with great interest. I wish him fair winds and following seas.


  2. Dear Ruth, We all wish Keith and his crew a good journey, and for you too, on your way back to Eccleshall. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Godspeed! Love and best wishes, Jennifer and Brian

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  3. Hi Ruth We wish Keith a good passage and look forward to hearing about his adventure. See you soon. Lesley and David xx


  4. Hi Ruth
    From all at Holy Trinity we are with you both and loving the blogs.
    Well done for your part.
    Gods speed and a safe journey for both of you on this memorable adventure.


  5. Ruth, Lynne and I are praying for you, Keith and the Unicef crew. You’re a brave lady in support of a brave man seeking his dream. To paraphrase John Milton … They also sail who stand and wait. Your’s is a difficult challenge … but you’re up for it. Though we may not be in your presence at all times, know that we are with you. Love, Tommy and Lynne xoxoxoxo


  6. Ruth, so so many thanks for sharing that with us. It is an amazing experience for you both , .. many thanks for taking the time to share it with us xx God bless and loads of love from Ann … and Bruce xxxx

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