77. 1200 nautical miles and its going to be a close finish!

The Clipper Fleet completes the 1200 nautical miles of Race 1, Leg 1 from the UK to Portimao in Portugal today and its going to be a very close finish!


For those not already addicted to the Race View (see Blog 75, The Race Viewer – and a health warning. This can be addictive!, published 2 Sept) then, as per the last update about 20 minutes ago, after 6 Days and 18 minutes racing,  Qingdao lead team UNICEF by 1.5 miles with just under 40 nautical miles left to race.

For those of you who wish, you can view the Race finish at



One thought on “77. 1200 nautical miles and its going to be a close finish!

  1. As of this morning, US EDT, UNICEF has the angle on Qindao, though from the outside lane. Yes, an amateur attempt to use auto racing concepts where they probably do not apply. Fun to watch the sprint to the finish. WTC Logistics must have had some trouble along the way as they are well out of the peloton (another amateur analogy).


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