69. Clipper yacht branding – almost complete

CV 31 – UNICEF in which I completed Level 4 training and will complete Legs 2, 3, 6 and 8 of the next Race. Ironically I did Level 3 training in the all white, and at the time, unbranded, CV31. See Blog 60: Level 3 Training, Part 2 published 4 May 2019

Zhuhai was the first Clipper 2019-2020 yacht to be branded back in March (See Blog 51: Clipper 2019-2020 First Boat Branding, published 8 March 2019) and now as the Countdown Clock on the official Race website ticks down through 33 Days, 17 Hours, 37 Minutes and 15 Seconds to Race Start, pretty much all the team sponsor and yacht brandings are now complete.




UNICEF, Visit Sanya, WTC Logistics, Dare To Lead, Zhuhai, Punta del Este, Seattle Qingdao and Go Bermuda. Only two more to be announced. Watch this space.

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