55. This time next year. Leg 6, Race 9. A Four Video North Pacific taster

A year ago today, Leg 6 of the 2017-2018 Clipper Round The World Yacht race left Qingdao, China, for Seattle, USA, to cross the mighty North Pacific. So, time for another “this time next year post although for 2020 I think I will be joining in Zhuhai and racing, fist, to Qingdao, and then across the Mighty Pacific to, at least for the moment, I know not where …….





One thought on “55. This time next year. Leg 6, Race 9. A Four Video North Pacific taster

  1. Keith, In Sir Robin’s words, you are among the men, while I will remain among the mice. It occurs to me that unless one has experienced a relentless and difficult voluntary challenge in some way … then the measure and magnitude of what you are undertaking cannot be fully, or sufficiently, appreciated. Uncharacteristically for me, I am short of words to say what I’m thinking, so I borrow these from Victoria Elizabeth Hughes …


    The Ocean

    Upon the crest of a wave I see
    hidden memories held within.
    New ones created, from every bough
    on every ship, that travels bound

    for some new pasture.
    Such hope and yet such loss,
    is the ocean’s promise.
    It’s force men think can be tamed.

    Yet that is what the ocean
    wants you to believe.
    It can bite and snap,
    or it can be calm and cool.

    A million promises made,
    and broken upon it’s shores.
    A billion memories made
    and broken, lying on it’s floors.

    The ocean is nature’s untameable force.


    For those who’ve learned and lived to tame the untameable force …..


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