40. Scores on the (Blog) Door

As 2018 draws to a close here are the (Blog) scores on the door so far.

Blogs posted:   40

On which days   Sundays:   8

Mondays:   5

Tuesdays:   3

Wednesdays:   8

Thursdays:   3

Fridays:   3

Saturdays:   10

Top visited date:   31 July 2018 – 263 views

Total Words:   29,466 words

Average words per post:   750 words

Total number of pictures/diagrams posted:   319

Total number of videos posted:   19

Most popular day to read:   Monday’s

Most popular time to read:   5.00pm

Most visited (non Home page) blog:   Blog 20: Masterbaking …  posted 10.30am 4 Sept.

Top 6 viewed Blogs:   Blog 20:   Masterbaking … posted 10.30am 4 Sept.

Blog 12:   Famous Bearded Sailors(1) … posted 11.41pm 21 Jul.

Blog 10:   You know you are “hanging on too tight” when … posted 9.03am 11 Jul.

Blog 9:   Have you heard the one about the Englishman … posted 1.51am 9 Jul.

Blog 8:   So How Did it all start(2) … posted 8.10pm 1 Jul.

Blog 14:   Girl Power! … posted 8.39am 2 Aug.

Least viewed Blog:   Blog 39:   20+ Clipper Facts … posted 5.46pm 15 Dec.

Most visited Month:   November 2018 – 625 views

Total numbers of different countries viewing this blog:   43

Top six countries who visit:   UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Canada.

Other countries in double figures for visits:   France, Norway, Spain, Mauritius, UAE,    Ireland, Hong Kong, China, Sweden, Denmark.

Other countries with multiple visits:   Barbados, Montenegro, Croatia, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Korea, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Cyprus, Singapore, Israel, Germany.

‘Countries that have read the blog only once:   Belgium, Indonesia, Qatar, Turkey, Oman, Malaysia, Greece, Brazil, Philippines, Vietnam and ……… Jersey!

3 thoughts on “40. Scores on the (Blog) Door

  1. Having now processed all the provided data, and subsequently compared the outcome to The Farmer’s Almanac, a fibonacci series, and charts of the galaxy Andromeda, … one can only conclude that Keith has developed a bit of a focus, a passion, an intense interest and commitment, … dare one say … a healthy obsession … with his Clipper-adventure. The commitment to the adventure, and the commitment to the chronicling thereof, are certainly appreciated by this reader.


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