34. La Course de Leur Vie

Maéva Bardy was one of the on board video-journalists from 1080 Media TV during the 2017-2018 Clipper Race. Maéva who hails from Lyon, France shares her insights and behind the scenes footage of her experiences during 3 legs which took her to Australia, China, the USA and across the North Atlantic to the race finish in Liverpool.

This award winning short film, which premiered in early October at The Waterproof Festival in Geneva, has been produced to tell Maeva’s story ……









One thought on “34. La Course de Leur Vie

  1. I wish I could joke about this one a little and comment on how my French was over-challenged and I had to resort to the subtitles, but that would be disrespectful to those behind and in front of the cameras. The story is overwhelming in its brevity, power, realness, and matter-of-factness. I am moved to silence for the most part and only left with increased (yet again) respect for Clipperers, past, present and future.


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