4. Curiosity ……… or what my birthday socks “said” to me!

Today is my birthday.

Like lots of other birthday boys today I got a pair of socks……… but mine were twin ankle length, 100% waterproof and breathable, with merino wool lining and a hydrophilic membrane (apparently!). This is what my socks “said” to me:

Curiosity is at the heart of the human spirit. It is what makes you dream of adventure. It is what pushes you to look over the next hill. It spurs you on to cross rivers and fields to see a new horizon. You can defy nature’s attempts to hold you back and stand steadfast – committed to your goal to take on the challenge when others would turn back. Your achievements are what defines you.

……………… which is just as well, as the socks looks slightly more appealing than my waterproof, merino wool, rib knit boxers!!!!!!!


IMG_4738   IMG_4753

10 thoughts on “4. Curiosity ……… or what my birthday socks “said” to me!

  1. I viewed the photos with minor trepidation as boxers could have been just over the horizon … whew …


  2. Keith

    You have been hiding your creative writing skills very carefully

    Can I give you a call if I get writer’s block when it’s time for my CEO’s newsletter?

    Thanks for sparing us the additional photograph!


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    Harbour House, The Quay, Harwich, Essex, CO12 3HH
    T 01255 252316 E ceo@hha.co.uk
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  3. Talking socks! Whatever next? Are the boxers as chatty? Great legs by the way.

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday Mary

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