95. Here’s one for the ladies

When I arrived at the dock at the exact time the Unicef boat was backing in after its amazing  journey,  it was a great feeling.  Relief, excitement and joy to see everyone safe and sound. The official clipper folks greet them – give them beer and instructions on the legalities of immigration etc,etc. And we all wait and wait for what seems ages but is not really till the crew come up from the pontoon.

Then it’s a great wave of SMELL.

Everyone is thrilled, delighted, proud and it’s hugs alround. A fabulous moment with the smell temporarily and rightly forgotten.

Fast forward a couple of showers and time to find a good barber. Keith’s clothes and personal hygiene are now restored to  normal. Time to address The Beard.


After two and a half weeks at sea it needed attention! Lots of attention. The lady Barber went to work

Waxed, trimmed the works. Keiths first experience of waxing – I wonder if it will be his last- you will have to ask him. The result was


In time for prize giving

With Keith and the boats 2nd prize trophy and his personal 2nd place pennant….. and a trimmed beard.


Waxing must be worth a charity donation!

For Diabetes UK and National Autistic Society see:


for UNICEF UK see:


Please take a look. Thank You.




3 thoughts on “95. Here’s one for the ladies

  1. So good to hear Keith arrived safely and is now your sweet …husband again!
    Wonderful experience for you all!
    God bless and loads love to you both xx

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Ruth
    Glad to see Keith has arrived safe and sound. Can’t think he’ll undergo the waxing again judging by the expression on his face. Looks like torture! xx


  3. Well, Ruth, … having waited for the photos of the waxing, and allowing my imagination to reach toward what the next few seconds after the photos must have been like for Keith …. I’ve decided to proudly allow the occasional all natural hair to grow in peace in various places around my head where waxing shall never be an option … 🙂 The end result for Keith is quite dashing, I must admit. I hope he was properly “anesthetized” before, after, or both …. Love to both of you.


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